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The Dreamscape

When we dream alone, it is only a dream. When we dream with others, it is the beginning of reality.
-Dom Helder Camara


For once it doesn't happen when your character opens a door or turns around or blinks. This time it's when they finally close their eyes and sleep. Maybe it's well-deserved rest, maybe they only closed their eyes for a second (honest!), or maybe they don't normally sleep much at all and this is a rare lapse for them.

But however it happened, they're asleep now and dreaming.

It might be about home, or some kind of wish fulfilment fantasy, or a nightmare. There's nothing unusual in the dream itself, per se. What is strange is how they might find that there are other people in the dream with them...

- Make a comment outlining your character's dream - the setting can be anything you like.
- Visit other people's dreams - multiple threads are encouraged; if you can't break continuity in a dream, when can you?
- Characters are free to either be unaware they are dreaming or realise it however, due to dressing room magic, they cannot wake up.
- Dreams can be as silly or realistic as you like, and powers, etc. are okay as long as they’re okay with the people you’re threading with (i.e., no godmodding).
- Action, dialogue-based and prose-style comments are all more than welcome.


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