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Jim Moriarty [BBC's Sherlock]

Jim likes texting

[There's crime to do and people to kill, but lately it's been so very monotonous. To put a pause on the boredom, Jim pulls out his mobile and sends Sherlock a text.]

     Hey, sexy. Missing you.
     Daddy will have another game for
     you soon.

[He then sends the following to John.]

     Did I ever tell you how cute
     you looked in that parka?
     We should play dress-up again

[Duplicates welcome. If Jim didn't text you, feel free to text him for whatever reason you like!]
Closed to shutupimagenius and dearjohnwatson, because this is awesome!

Table of Contents (with spoilers)

Thread 1: Texts between Jim and Sherlock
Thread 2: Texts between Jim and John, John and Sherlock
Thread 1: Sherlock and Jim meet; Sherlock parts with his mobile
Thread 1b: More texts between Jim and worried!John; John gets abducted
Thread 1: Dinner Time and the "happy" reunion of Jim, Sherlock, and John [alternate flat view link]
Page 4: John thinks he should leave; Jim thinks it's time to discuss relationships [flat view]
Page 5: Let's get out of here [flat view]
Page 5: 'Colleagues' vs. 'Friends' and how John's text comes back to bite him in the arse [flat view]
Page 6: Decisions! John almost leaves [flat view]
Page 7: The Hotel Room ("Will you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly) [flat view]
Page 7: First Kiss - Jim/Sherlock [flat view] (it only took 7 full pages!)
Page 8: First Kiss - John/Sherlock [flat view]
R-15 rating bumped; RP continues here!

view=flat page 8 for most recent entries, unthreaded
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