give me time. and a crayon. (the_gabih) wrote in dressing221b,
give me time. and a crayon.

Remember, remember the 5th of November...


Fireworks Pictures, Images and Photos  
There's a bonfire blazing away merrily with a guy on top, and a ridiculous amount of firework boxes stacked somewhere well away from the flames. Off to one side is a tableful of skewers, roastable food, tin foil-wrapped potatoes and soup. A stereo's sitting in the corner and playing a mixture of frankly ancient pop songs, and some particularly burly men are discussing the possibility of a tar barrell race.

It's also seriously cold.

1. Set off any number of fireworks you wish, but do try not to set fire to anything else.
2. If you have a bonfire night tradition not listed here, feel free to make use of it.
3. Have fun!

Tags: meme: party
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