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Introduction Post - Care For Some Tea?

The Mystery Tea Meme!


• Post with your character(s)!
• Reply to other characters. Have your character share tea with the character they're tagging. Choose from green, jasmine, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, strawberry, mint, lemon, cherry, Chai, Oolong, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, berry, rose, English breakfast, chamomile, daffodil, thyme, Darjeeling, black, decaf, or white tea.
• They drink it.
• Both characters discover the horrifying effect of the tea below the cut.
Green tea: Makes the drinker wiser. Bear in mind that wise doesn't necessarily mean smart.

Jasmine tea: Turns boys girly, turns girl girlier.

Earl Grey tea: Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but the truth.

Lady Grey tea: Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but lies.

Strawberry tea: Causes uncontrollable hiccups.

Mint tea: Completely flips your personality. Good is bad, bad is good, etc.

Lemon tea: As opposed to flipping personalities, suddenly gain someone else's personality!

Cherry tea: Ever saw a blushing virgin right before being deflowered? The people that drink this tea will show you how it's done.

Chai tea: The uncontrollable need to dance, wherever you go!

Oolong tea: The uncontrollable need to express everything in the form of a song! It might be a song you already know, or you might find you've got a hidden talent for lyrics!

Chocolate tea: WARNING! Keep away from underaged children. Aftereffects may include: horniness, uncontrollable lust, more horniness, the need to take off clothes, a hoarse sexy voice, sweaty skin. (for the underage, causes uncomfortable heat, and cheesy pickup lines)

Vanilla tea: Causes childish innocence, kindness, love of everything alive.

Caramel tea: Have a little respect for your four-legged friends. Turns the drinker into an animal of the mun's choosing.

Berry tea: Ever wondered what it was like to be the opposite gender? You didn't? Too bad! Turns boys to girls and vice versa, complete with all the appropriate parts.

Rose tea: For the love of all that is good and shoujo, will the drinkers of this tea stop sparkling so melodramatically?

English breakfast tea: Not only will the drinker be more arrogant, snobbish and better than you, but they will also voice it. Loudly. Narcissism is encouraged. So is slapping them back to their senses.

Chamomile tea: This tea will calm you down to the point of apathy and sloth. Don't bother leaving bed, it's not even worth it.


Thyme tea: Suddenly your clothes don't seem to fit so well... Adult drinkers of this tea will be de-aged to childhood. Child drinkers will be aged to adulthood.

Darjeeling tea: Causes the drinker to suffer severe delusions. They might just start to think they're the Queen of England, or a tree, or any number of things. It is suggested that you take videos for posterity and blackmail.

Black tea: Causes blindness.

Decaf tea: Sleep? Who needs sleep?

White tea: Grants X-ray vision.

BONUS Herbal tea: Takes away pain to the point where you feel positively floaty. Just watch out for passing police officers…

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(Meme shamlessly ganked from </span>fountainofcod, which got it from </span>junefield, who ganked from </span>bistromatics, who ganked from the </span>adstringendum crack commmunity.) </span>
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