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Sherlock BBC Dressing Room
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a roleplaying community for the 2010 BBC Sherlock series

the premise

this is a fan roleplaying community for the 2010 BBC series sherlock. no need for applications- pull up an rp journal for the character of your choice and come join the fun!

how it works

create a new journal (or if you have enough icon space, feel free to use your normal one).
leave a blank comment on the post of your choice
others will comment in-character, and the fun begins.
anyone can post a meme, but please be sure to leave 5-7 days between them. feel free to create your own posts in the meantime- these can be locations, events or whatever else takes your fancy.

the rules

no rudeness, except between characters. it's up to you to decide whether or not anderson is a homophobe, or if sally would get any sexism/racism from the others etc., but attacking other users is not cool.
mindf*** each other all you like, but please try to keep it clean. basically, picture the scene in your head before you write. if it'd get higher than a 15 rating, it's not welcome here.
no spam. if you want to advertise another comm, be it rp or otherwise, sherlockbbc is the place to do it.

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