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The Blind Date Meme


Your character wasn't planning on an evening out. They might have had paperwork to do, they might have wanted to go home and get some sleep. They may even have been plotting world domination.

It's a shame things never work out that way, isn't it?

They find themselves in a restaurant, quite unexpectedly. They have no idea how they got there and to make matters worse, there's someone sitting across from them.

- Make a comment showcasing your character's initial reaction to the situation.

- Other characters comment to that as the other half of the blind date- it doesn't have to be someone they know in-series. Still more may crop up as the evening progresses, though whether or not they're part of the date or there for some other reason is entirely up to you.


NOTE: Since some characters are likely to try and wriggle out of everything before it gets interesting, feel free to be creative in coming up with ways to frustrate their attempts to do so.

Meme ganked from [info]fountainofcod
Screencap courtesy of

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